SEO No Duplicate防止重复内容受搜索引擎处罚

SEO No Duplicate, 一款刚刚推出的WordPress SEO型插件,主要功能就是告诉搜索引擎爬虫一篇日志页面的首选版本。防止收录重复内容发生。似乎是将自己作为一个SEO spammer,由于对SEO NO Duplicate插件的工作原理理解有限,不能详细说明,以下是引用原文:

This simple plugin helps you easily tell the search engine bots the preferred version of a page by specifying the canonical properly within your head tag.

Why would you do such a thing? Simply because many black-hat SEO folks abuse duplicate content to gain search ranking and search engine try really hard to detect and penalize them. The last thing you want to do is present yourself as an SEO spammer to search engines.

SEO No Duplicate的特点:

  • 自动避免搜索引擎重复内容的问题
  • 支持所有WordPress页面Support all types of WordPress pages.
  • 可对每篇日志和页面链接进行定义
  • 使用简单,激活自动运行

点击下载SEO No Duplicate,期待有感兴趣的朋友继续完善解释这一插件的原理~



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