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The whole One Theme team is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of One Theme 1.1.3 This is indeed a monumental upgrade and an essential for all existing One Theme community members.

We honestly couldnt be happier with this release. Not only did we manage to implement all the features announced previously, we also managed to throw in a few really cool extras.

The first thing you might notice is the addition of the “Similar Posts” & “Social Bookmarking” box, which will appear at the bottom of every post, just before the comments.

We also made a public feature out of the “Color Switcher”. Which was initially just something that was built into the demo site to show prospective customers the differences in the five color schemes. Now not only will your readers be able to change the color (optional), you will also have the freedom to upload different logo and background images for each color. Adding a fantastic boost to your freedom when using One Theme.

You may also note the “Afilliate Link” area in the Control Panel which now allows you to easily change the One Theme link in your footer to an affiliate link.

A huge amount of effort has also gone into adding styles for lots of popular plugins and widgets, and you may also notice that we’ve added lovely rounded borders to lots of areas accross the theme.

We’ve added so much in this theme that we have actually lost track of some of the cool new things that have gone into it. So keep your eyes peeled!

Live Demo: Blue | Green | Pink | Blank | Red

Download Theme: One theme V1.1.3



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