Premium WordPress Themes:Hutek Webzine


Premium WordPress Themes:Hutek Webzine

Is the product first hand introduction to WP community, we also want to leave a mark that should also explore and learn from the context of my money as well as read many references to the feature the theme to ensure both aesthetic and has ensured the necessary functions that a magazine should have a theme.

Some key features:

1. Posts Highlights: One of the features you like best, after considering how their decisions show like this to make a difference compared to the theme and have the other website. And use it absolutely simple. Weeks when the alpha version will have the user guide details.
2. Photos: is the message immediately after the 2 main categories as a slide images to create points for the press website.
3. News: Here, you choose a different show, not the mailing list homepage.
4. Theme panel: Webzine will have the theme manager to the user can make changes at the admin not to interfere code
5. Automatically resize images: This feature images on the website is better. Hutek timthumb used to perform this feature.
6. And also the many other small modification that when used you can feel ^ ^.

Besides the theme also integrated a number of useful plugin and the option of the user.

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