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Website frameworks are a big deal. Good ones play a significant role in key areas of Web development, including:

* SEO: the degree to which your code and content are organized and optimized for both search engines and people
* accessibility: your ability to reach different audiences—those with special needs, people using alternative Web browsers, mobile users, etc.
* usability: how effectively your users are able to navigate and interact with your site
* flexibility: how easy is it to get the look you want by providing rich markup for styling and customizations via a control panel

Incidentally, WordPress themes have become the most widely-used subset of site frameworks on the Web. Because of this, savvy developers now have the chance to create—and support—robust template systems that will not only drastically alter the Internet landscape, but also set the standard for best practices in coding and site development in the years to come.

As a developer, I find this challenge irresistible, and that’s why creating, testing, and improving powerful template systems is, quite frankly, something that I feel compelled to do.

I built the Thesis Theme because I wanted a framework that had it all—killer typography, a dynamically sizable layout, intelligent code, airtight optimization, and tons of flexibility. Now, after months of field testing, I’m confident enough to offer it to those of you who have come to expect nothing but the finest themes from me.

Oh, and I suppose there’s one more organizational detail that I ought to mention. You see, when you purchase a theme from DIYthemes, you are essentially getting a lifetime subscription to that theme. This means that you’ll be able to login at any time and download an updated version of the theme—it’s how you’ll keep your Website up-to-date and on the digital edge.

Get Thesis now, and you’ll benefit today from its unmatched SEO, cross-browser compatibility, and top-notch HTML + CSS architecture.



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